Quality and food safety policy

Quality and food safety policy

The quality and food safety policy is the basis of our company, which relies on the following management principles and behaviors:
❯Build a mutually beneficial relationship with customers, ensuring their long-term success, understanding their needs and the needs of their customers.
Achieve our commitments on product quality, price and delivery times.
❯Ensure sound risk management and the application of the best prevention practices at all levels. Develop employee competencies, creativity, authority, and accountability, and demonstrate strong senior management involvement and commitment.
❯Ensure the management of environmental safety aspects, efficient use of energy resources, reduction of waste and the raising of environmental awareness among employees.

To sustainably build product value and trust, we:
1. Guarantee the safety of our product and compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 22000, IFS Food standards, in full transparency of our quality principles.
2. While offering our product, we meet and push forward consumer wants and expectations, and value what our consumers value.
3. Strive for a minimum amount of production defects and are constantly looking for opportunities for improvement that provide a competitive advantage.
4. Involve all our employees in the chain of value creation, thus creating a quality mindset in the company.

The impeccable quality of UAB Amber pasta products is shown by the company’s held certificates:

Halal Certificate

ISO 22000:2018

IFS Food Certificate

Organic production

ISO 9001:2015

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