Quality and food safety policy

Quality and food safety policy

Quality and food safety policy is the mainstay of our company, it is articulated and based on the following management principals and conduct:

➢ Building of mutually advantageous relationship with customers, ensuring their long-term success by recognising their needs and the desires of their customers.

➢ Meeting of obligations on the product quality, price and delivery terms.

➢ Assuring the reliable risk management and implementation of the best prevention practice at all levels.

➢ Building the staff skills, creativity, powers and accountability, and showing strong involvement and commitment of the top management.

➢ Ensuring the environmental aspects management, efficiently using the energy resources, reducing the waste volume and promoting the environmental awareness of the employees.
To sustainably generate the product value and credibility we:

1. Guarantee the product safety and compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 22000, IFS standards in completely transparent respect of the quality principles.

2. Offering the product, we ensure and enhance consumer desires and expectations, and appreciate what our clients appreciate.

3. Pursue the minimum level of product defects and continuously improve manufacturing and look for new technology improvement opportunities that give us a competitive advantage.

4. Involve all our employees into the created value chain of commitment and thereby develop and improve the company’s quality and food safety policy culture.

The company management is committed to continuously review and update the quality and food safety policy and to provide the means for implementation of the intended targets.

The impeccable quality of UAB Amber pasta products is shown by the company’s held certificates:

Halal Certificate

ISO 22000:2018

ISO 9001:2015

IFS Food Certificate

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