Whole-grain pasta

Nutritional value 100 g
Energy, kJ / kcal 1432 / 339
Fat, g

Of which saturates, g



Carbohydrates, g

of which sugar, g

61,3 g


Fibre, g 10,2
Protein, g 13,8
Sodium, g <0,1*

* The amount of salt in a product is determined only by the sodium naturally present in it


Whole-grain pasta is made from 100 percent whole-grain wheat flour and water. It retains the nutrients and fiber naturally present in wheat grains. Whole-grain wheat flour and the pasta made from it has a slightly darker, slightly brownish color.
⦁ Made from whole-grain wheat flour
⦁ Source of fiber
⦁ Protein source
⦁ Without synthetic additives


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