Spelt pasta

Nutritional value 100 g
Energy, kJ / kcal 1504 / 354
Fat, g

Of which saturates, g



Carbohydrates, g

Of which sugars, g



Fibre, g

Protein, g



Sodium, g <0,1*

* The amount of salt in a product is determined only by the sodium naturally present in it


This pasta is made from light spelt wheat flour. Spelt is one of the oldest cereals, known as far back as the Stone Age and even mentioned in the Bible. Unlike other varieties of wheat, spelt grains are covered with petals resembling scales, which protect the grain from the negative effects of the environment.
Spelt grains contain almost all the nutrients and vitamins needed for a balanced diet. These substances are highly soluble in water, so they are easily absorbed by the body. The structure of gluten in spelt grains is different from that in ordinary wheat, so often people who don’t tolerate normal gluten don’t feel any negative effects when consuming spelt flour products.
⦁ Out of 100% spelt flour
⦁ Source of fiber
⦁ Without synthetic additives


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