Mission and Vision


Our mission is to comply with the highest food-quality standards, and to maintain and pass on respect for harmony between food and nature to future generations. We seek to supply top-quality products that we can be proud of and our consumers can enjoy. We also aim to maintain our leading position in the Lithuanian market for top-quality pasta and expand in the Baltic region. The company prioritises are reliability and high-quality products, with a view to satisfying our customers while continuously expanding operations through implementation of innovative solutions. We seek to preserve the trust of our consumers both in Lithuania and in foreign markets. With the aim of maximising output and conforming to ISO standards, we consistently supervise and improve our quality-management system.


  • Control of the quality supply chain from grain to final product.
  • Development of products that people need for a balanced diet.
  • The largest supplier of pasta in the Baltic market.
  • New export locations.


  • Quality.
  • Professionalism.
  • Social responsibility.
  • Teamwork.