Quality and food safety policy shall be one of the fundamentals of our company’s performance. It is defined and based on the following management principles and behavior:

  • Development of mutually beneficial relations with customers ensuring their long term success and based on understanding their and their customers’ needs;
  • Due fulfillment of our obligations as to product quality, price and delivery timelines;
  • Assurance of reliable hazard control and efficient prevention practices in all stages and levels;
  • Continuous enhancement of competences, creativity, authority, and responsibility of our employees and regular control of policy enforcement exercised by our top management.

Based on our efforts towards sustainability of product value and trust in us, we:

  1. Guarantee food safety and conformity to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards, maintenance of transparency, and observation of quality principles.
  2. Meet and even exceed expectations of consumers taking into account their value preferences.
  3. Seek minimization of product deviations and constantly work on competitive-edge-developing improvements of our product.
  4. Involve all our employees in the value creation chain and thereby develop and promote corporate quality thinking.